My love of computing began in the 80s after my parents bought my family an 8-bit home computer called a Commodore 64. I have dedicated my life to HCI, UX and UI, first as a self-taught tinkerer, later as a formally trained Computer Scientist (PhD) and most recently as a certified Computer Forensic Investigator (CHFI). I sit comfortably between design and development, managing and doing, academia and industry. I have led and managed a number of award-winning multidisciplinary teams and projects across four continents. I am a very proud Canadian, and I currently live in the fabulous East End of London, England with my lovely British husband and our dog. My husband and I hope one day to be able to afford space flight, possibly with our pooch.

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Work with me because I'm

An Expert

Expert in UX Design, Usability Testing and Functional Prototyping. Skilled in Computer Forensics, mobile UX application design and development, multi-touch devices, interactive installations, wearable computing and large-screen DOOH networked displays.

Highly Organised

Highly trained management skills and in working to tight deadlines. Able to manage client enthusiasm with realistic goals, and within a timeline that works within a specified budget that considers and balances risk with opportunity.


Recipient of numerous awards, including Entrepreneur of the Year 2013 FDM everywoman in Technology Awards; Gold Award for Excellence in Interface Design (USA); and, multiple Grace Hopper Women in Computing Scholarships.

A Deep Thinker

PhD in Computer Science and extensive industry experience. Able to spot opportunities and not only translate these into core concepts but also into plain English that is both actionable and realistic for all stakeholders.

A Communicator

Exceptional verbal, communication, research and report writing skills. Published over sixty research papers and technical reports in Computer Science, Human-Computer Interaction, Tangible Computing and Wearable Computing.


Comfortable using all kinds of software packages for both Mac and Windows as well as command line editors. Eager to learn new skills, to keep up with the latest technology, and to pass the knowledge on to others.


Professional Experience

Founder of mobile UX and software development startup company. Hands on with mobile UX App design development activities as well as producing mobile strategy documentation. Tasks include: gathering both user and software requirements; concept development; persona creation; information architecture; and, usability testing. Managing and being part of the teams of Developers and Visual Designers creating native iOS and Android Apps, online games and websites. Building and maintaining website and web assets. Managing and directing day-to-day operations including: designing and conducting pitches; liasing with portfolio of global clients and sales teams; raising finance and conducting board level and shareholder meetings; Data Controller and Manager of company IP; general accounting; enforcing legal requirements and compliance; managing security assessment of mobile application development. Named "One of the UKs top technology companies with outstanding intellectual property" (UK Department of Trade & Investment).
Lead UX and Project Management role, establishing long-term relationships with both corporate and university partners. Established a consultancy portfolio with global blue chip clients as well as academic institutions. Hands on UX and development of multiple interactive installations and live performance events using e.g. mobile apps and devices, sensors, interactive surfaces, tangible and wearable devices and open-source software. Secured EU and UK funding through government initiatives, grants and private finance. Exhibited work internationally in North America, Europe and Australia such as at the Science Museum (London), Berkeley Art Museum (California), Sage (Gateshead), Old Broadcasting House (Leeds), Urbis (Manchester) amongst others.
Designed and developed an iPad application for a large investment bank. Tasks included conceptual design, requirements gathering and documentation. Worked with Visual Designer to produce high fidelity wireframes. Worked closely with the Development and Quality Assurance teams. Responsible for integrating User Experience Design guidelines into the conceptual design.
Designed and developed a unique pitch for mobile phone application testing. Tasks included conceptual design, requirements gathering and documentation. Responsible for integrating User Experience Design guidelines into the conceptual design. Produced a highly visual presentation in an extremely short amount of time.
Designed, developed and tested a unique iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch application. Tasks included conceptual design, requirements gathering, GUI design and field testing. Responsible for managing team of technical developers, ethnographers and scheduling realistic development deadlines. Conducted field testing with 50,000+ users at international music and design festivals in the UK and online. Conducted web analytics from 15,000+ global online users. Presented findings to the UK Design Embassy (UK Trade and Investment) in front of 100+ Chinese delegates at the London Design Festival. Produced case study and technical reports for UK Creative Industries.
Designed, developed and tested functional prototypes for special needs and assistive technology applications. Tasks included conceptual design, requirements gathering, interviews, interface design, GUI design, user testing and field research. Responsible for managing team of technical developers, ethnographers, creative producers and for scheduling realistic development deadlines. Conducted field testing with children with special and complex needs.
Designed, developed and tested several functional prototypes for educational contexts including: four prototypes for the Nintendo Wii; tangible and multi-touch surfaces; a wireless interface for understanding movement literacy; and, a 3D printer. Tasks included requirements gathering, functional prototyping, open-source software development, vision-tracking applications, GUI design, usability testing, qualitative and quantitative data collection, extraction and analysis e.g. interviews, persona creation. Worked with a team of Sociologists and Ethnographers to conduct workshops, interviews and field testing with children between the ages of 6-13 years. Produced regular technical reports as well as published and presented findings in peer-reviewed conferences and publications as well as built and maintained project websites. Produced an exhibition on next generation interactive surfaces at the Science Museum London (“Surface Tension”), which included hands-on exhibits, interactive workshops and live performances.
Led a team of mobile software developers in developing a bespoke software application for Nokia “Harmony” campaign. Involved frame-perfect synchronization of 640+ Nokia mobile phones (3 different types) to a musical score. Tasks included conceptual development, requirements gathering and analysis and field testing. Liaised with design agency, post-production team and film director. Produced prototypes for pre-testing as well as on set during filming.
Designed, constructed and tested a bespoke wireless interactive interface for outdoor play which provided 3D audio /visual feedback to users. Tasks included conceptual design, requirements gathering, software development, hardware development (wireless sensing) and field testing. Collaborated with internationally recognized musicians in a professional music rehearsal studio to connect wireless hardware to bespoke audio software. Collaborated with Performance Art and Cultural Studies Ethnographers to collect qualitative data. Exhibited and tested the installation in a purpose-built outdoor environment.
Designed, developed and tested a mobile UI for downloading music tracks to mobile phones. Tasks included requirements gathering, task analysis, wire framing, mobile user interface design and testing for cross platform phones as well as the web. Assisted the Director in scheduling realistic development deadlines as well as in liaising across the team of database developers, billing operators and legal rights managers. Provided expert advice on interaction design and usability.
Part of the EQUATOR initiative, a six-year Interdisciplinary Research Collaboration (IRC), supported by the EPSRC, which focused on integration of physical and digital interaction. Directed, designed and produced interactive installations and performance events using sensors, wireless and mobile peer-to-peer technologies and embedded physical computing technologies. Developed several functional prototypes including the first interactive demonstrator for the e-Campus network of pervasive displays (“Metamorphosis”). Managed the e-Campus Underpass project which involved building three threaded, networked displays in the university underpass for displaying multimedia content. Founded the (re)Actor international conference series on Digital Live Art. Exhibited and presented research findings in North America, Europe and Australia. Published over 30 peer-reviewed academic papers.
Designed, developed and tested award-winning electronic performance support systems for US NAVY aircraft technicians, which met military specifications and requirements. Design and application won Gold Award of Excellence.
Designed, developed and tested the first online courses for the University of Waterloo. Tasks included requirements gathering, information architecture, wireframing, GUI design, database design, web design and field testing. Managed a team of junior graphic designers, Flash developers and UI designers. Liaised with professors and trainers to meet course specifications. Template continues to be used for over 300 courses.
Designed and developed many websites, including: Ontario’s first artist-run centre website and online database and Canada’s first independent digital music archive (Canadian Music Exchange). Tasks included requirements gathering, information architecture, wireframing, GUI design, database design and web design.
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Developing functional prototypes, releasing mobile apps, and building a mobile strategy for brands in the UK, Europe, Africa, North America & Ireland.

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